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Drama: Ouran High School Host Club ep04

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This episode gained a 2.3% viewership, a couple points lower than the week before, but its not like I care about viewership anymore haha.  The episode 4 of the drama coincides with episode 4 of the anime.  I may be biased when I say this, but this wasn't particularly my favorite episode, only because I think Renge (in general) is really annoying.  I know a lot of people like her character because she comes out of no where and is a hilarious addition, but she's just really annoying since she butts in a lot, but whatever, that's just how I feel.

 In her home in France, Houshakuji Renge is absorbed in her RPG-like dating sim game.  Her father arrives back from a business trip from Japan and shows her daughter a picture he took with his client's family.  She freaks out and takes an immediate flight (and I do mean IMMEDIATE) flight to Japan.
At the Host Club, guests are greeted to an indoor Japanese garden theme with the hosts dressed in kimono's (they say Kimono, but I wanna call it a Yukata, but it's most likely a Kimono lol).  Kyouya had told Haruhi that another guest had picked her as her choice host.  Haruhi asked how expenses were made since guests don't pay and it turns out that the host club sells private photos of themselves to guests, but that there's a limit to their sales and need something new.  As Tamaki was bothering Haruhi, like always, they notice someone standing at the door peeking in, Renge.  As Tamaki tries to bring her in, she freaks out and hits him in the face by insulting him with multiple put-downs until he knocks out.  When Renge eyes Kyouya, she happily runs and gives him a hug and declares herself the host club's manager.

 Renge tells everyone that she is Kyouya's fiance and that she traveled all the way from France to see him.  She explains she fell in love with him at first sight (despite never having met him until that day), that he "pity's the wildflowers that no one cares about" , he'll "warmly hold an injured kitten in his arms" and also he's "pure and white as freshly washed sheets."  A bit surprised, he looks at the other host club members and they all disagree.  Renge tells them all that the guy she fell in love with is in the "Ukidoki Memorial" game and that Miyabi-kun and Kyouya are the same.  Because she's the daughter of one of Kyouya's Father's business partners, they must treat her kindly.  The host club leaves it up to Haruhi to spend time with her.  They bake cookies for Kyouya [and the rest of the host club], but with Renge's lack of skill, made burnt cookies.

 Renge freaks out again and tells the host club that their characters are out of place and gave them new persona's.  In order to incorporate their new persona's she films a movie using a crew sent all the way from Hollywood.  For an unplanned scene, Renge wanted Haruhi to film with 3 random students that seemed to fit the antagonist roll (yankee students... bullies).  As one of them shoved Renge, Haruhi blocks her from hitting a trash pileup of some sort.  Haruhi who looks to be injured, Tamaki comes and saves her, but turns out her contact had fallen out.  Renge who was happy about how the film went, was surprised when Kyouya smashes the lens of the video camera.  Angered, he tells her to stop what she's doing since it's endangering the host club members.  She believes Kyouya should be treating her like she's a princess, but Tamaki ensures her that that is definitely not him.

 She runs off and stares a the picture of Miyabi-kun, but it blows away from her hands into a closed off area.  Asking for the keys, she is denied, but of course Kyouya ends up having all the keys to the school.  Haruhi lets Renge know that she needs to live through reality and fall in love slowly (naturally) and that she needs to get rid of her one-sided thinking.  Renge writes a letter back to her father to tell him she has had a revelation.  In the end, the host club ended up keeping what was salvaged of the movie they filmed and put them on DVDs to sell to their customers.  Haruhi realizes that Kyouya had planned this all along.

I rewatched the anime version just to see how close they followed the story and they did pretty well  There were only a couple minor changes, but it didn't detract from the storyline (but didn't enhance it).  Some changes were, of course, having Nekozawa there, Haruhi and Renge baking cookies, Renge losing her picture of Miyabi-kun, the location where Haruhi telling Renge to stop thinking one-sided and when Haruhi told Tamaki that she likes him better just the way he is.

I thought the baking scene was a cute addition, and you can tell that the twins are starting to fall for Haruhi as well.  I keep saying this, but having Nekozawa really is pointless to have in every episode, but it's great a great comedic addition, and it doesn't hurt to have another ikemen in the cast ;)
One thing that bothered me about this episode was when Kyouya broke the camera lens.  The sound effect didn't match the action... REALLY fake, but other than that not a bad episode.  I was hoping Renge would only make this one episode, but I think she's going to be in episode 6?

 (Left: Poor Honey lol, Right: Kyouya eating Haruhi's cookie instead of Renge's)
 (Why is he in the sun anyways?)
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